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For Office Filing

Easily Organize Your Files on a Series of Stackable Shelves that Take Up Only as Much Room as the Papers You Put on Them!

Are you a "file piler"?  Do you like to spread everything out so you can see it?  EZSTAX is an innovative new desk organizer that will change the way you file!

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Now you can spread your files out so you can see them, stack them up, and spread them back out again any time you like!  

EZSTAX are stackable shelves that interlock in the back making it easy to have exactly the right amount of shelves for your filing needs.  Add more any time you like!

Each pack comes with a set of blank labels so you can create your own filing system. 

Your office will forever be organized!  It's like having an infinite number of shelves available for all your filing needs!


Still not sure EZSTAX is the best thing since sliced bread?

Learn more about how EZSTAX can help you:

  1. STAY Organized in Your Closets

  2. Keep Your Dresser Drawers Organized

  3. Take Control of Your Laundry Room

  4. Handle Office Filing Naturally

  5. Organize Your Suitcase

  6. Easily Achieve Perfect Folds Every Time

  7. Help Your Kids Get Dressed with Stacked Matching Outfits

  8. Fix Messy Clothing Piles

  9. Be Environmentally Conscious

  10. Back American Made Products

Or watch our Demonstration Video to learn a little bit about all of the above!

If you're ready, you can choose your size and buy them now!