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Distribution and Retail

Distribution and Retail

Do you want to sell EZSTAX in your retail store or are you a distributor that can help us connect with retailers in the US or anywhere else in the world?

Please note the following before submitting:

  1. Serious iquiries only.  Don't email us just trying to get a lower price.  This channel is for people that want to create a large bulk purchase relationship.
  2. Serious businesses only.  If you don't already have a retail or distribution business, please work on your business before contacting us about this channel.
  3. Provide us with information about your company, your planned channels, volume estimates, current sales, and anything else you can provide us to prove that you will be able to perform your end.  


That being said, if you are interested in working with us and feel you meet our requirements, we'd love to hear from you!  

Email us at