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The EZSTAX Organization System Will Help You STAY Organized in Your Closet, Dresser, Laundry Room, Suitcase, and Office

It's EZ to STAY Organized With EZSTAX!!!


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Watch our demonstration video to see them in action!


messy-piles-of-clothesClothing piles always turn into a mess when you pull an item out of the middle!

innovative-design-closet-organizerWith EZSTAX, clothes are separated from each other by interlocking dividers so they can't pull on each other and make a mess!


EZSTAX is Made in the USA from Recycled Materials!


Use it as a folding pattern and you'll have a perfect fold every time!


Use them to stack an entire week's matching outfits or pajamas so everyone can get ready on their own!

Are you a file piler?  Spread out your piles on our new EZSTAX File Organizers and you can stack them up and spread back out any time you like!  Office filing has never been so intuitive and easy!


"After seeing the prototype in action, I can't wait to get my hands on these and try them out personally and with my clients! This looks like a great solution for a very common closet organizing problem - and a big win for laundry rooms everywhere." - Kate S. Brown,, Certified Professional Organizer® and Member, National Association of Professional Organizers®
"This product is something that can be used by everyone! It's the answer to easily creating and maintaining organized spaces at home and in the office. If I could buy 100 EZSTAX today I would!   My clients are going to enjoy the ease of staying organized and the versatility of the product!" Charlotte Stewart - Owner of Organizing Homes LLC, member National Association of Professional Organizers®

EZSTAX Comes in Two Sizes and a Special Office Filing Version!