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New Office Version - Announcing EZSTAX File Organizers

EZSTAX File Organizers
Change the Way You File...
File Naturally by Spreading Out and Stacking Up Anytime!
New Office Version Announced!
We heard you! 
Due to a high volume of emails requesting us to make a version specifically for office use, EZSTAX File Organizers are finally here!
We designed EZSTAX File Organizers to be exactly what you need to file papers.
We've added a finger hole, 5 stacking fins, and 4 alternating label tabs to make them the perfect design for taming those stacks of papers.
We're now accepting pre-orders on our Kickstarter page through September 4th.  We anticipate shipping all orders no later than November.  Please support us in making our EZSTAX File Organizers one of the best Kickstarters ever!
KIckstarter is now over but you can still buy them AT THIS LINK!