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We will continue uploading images and links to press as we receive them. Please feel free to contact at any time with requests for anything you can't find. Thanks in advance for your interest in EZSTAX!

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Basic Description:  

EZSTAX is a revolutionary new product designed to help people STAY organized through a series of interlocking dividers that help people stack, sort, and select an item from the middle of a stack without making a mess.  It works great with clothes and with paper files helping people stay organized in their closets, dressers, laundry rooms, suitcases, and offices!  We are fully funded in our Kickstarter campaign so production is a reality and we are taking more orders at


Joe and Sami Kuipers bio:

Joe Kuipers - EZSTAX LLC CEO

Sami Kuipers - EZSTAX LLC President


We are Joe and Sami Kuipers, both 1997 graduates of The University of Wisconsin-Madison and husband and wife partners in owning and operating two unique businesses.


After living in Florida for the past 18 years we currently reside in Nokomis, FL where we are raising our family of five. Our three kids make life busy and fun, but keeping a reasonably organized house seems to be a daily challenge. We always try to find ways to do things a little easier and a little better, which led us to the EZSTAX solution of maintaining organized closets, drawers, laundry rooms and office space. We hope EZSTAX will organize life for individuals and families, giving everyone peace of mind and more free time to spend with their families or simply doing other things that are important to them.


We are very excited to introduce EZSTAX and we appreciate any and all feedback or comments. Thank you for your support and happy stacking!